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Here's a selection of Businesses that have successfully worked with Martin Stockman or boutique investment operations associated with him


Success Stories: Client
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A conversational marketing engine which uses machine learning to create personalised recommendations based on consumer semantics. 


Solar Water Plc provides a sustainable

solution to the problem of high-cost,

inefficient desalination technology. 

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"TripAdvisor for Kids", where children around the world can rate, and load photos/video reportage, of their trips, meals, anything! Funded by Angel group.


Loop Email, formerly 4th Office, allows employees to share and chat “socially” within an enterprise / SME environment. Funded by Notion Capital

Next Generation Exercise Bike designed and developed by inventor of iconic “Waterrower”. Funded by Angel group.
Formerly Social Safe, this platform serves as a secure repository / vault for an individual’s digital activity. Funded by Angels and latterly VCs.
A professional Video Player for SMEs. Funded by Angels and subsequently by 2 Funds.
Acquired by Intermedia this cybersecurity / identity startup delivered an investor return within 10 months of investment. Funded by Angels.


Instantt™ is a simple, secure and convenient platform, created to seamlessly consolidate ordering, payments and loyalty into a single mobile app. Instantt allows customers to order food in advance, thereby avoiding queuing.

SoSensational is an online fashion site targeting women over 50. It offers great content, (style advice and topical fashion stories,) and works with over 100 brands and boutiques.
Iriss medical is a technology business with a suite of products addressing medical diagnostic and cosmetic challenges in Ophthalmology.

Bought By Many is an online business that targets niche insurance groups, and effectively crowdsources unusual insurance customers via social channels. Formed in 2012 it has proved to be one of the earliest disruptive UK Fintech businesses.

App which acts as a Virtual Recruiter designed to efficiently match candidates to jobs, using AI to ensure that both employers and employees are able to tailor the selection process according their needs.

Catch Media is a US MediaTech business that has created a powerful cloud registry, tracking, routing and clearinghouse system: Play Anywhere®.

BeGenio are the creators of the board game"Race to Infinity", aimed at increasing children's proficiency, enjoyment and confidence in Maths.

Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT), established in 1999, is both first mover and world leader in tidal power systems. With its technological history stretching back to the 1970s, MCT has led the way in commercialising tidal energy generation.

Groundbreaking event exploration and ticket App for students.

Ramblin Man Fair is a Summer Festival for lovers of Classic Rock, Prog Rock and similar music derivatives.

The developers of "The caravan for the 21st century" are currently taking orders for the summer. Don't miss out!

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